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Organizing a Brotherhood

Organizing a Brotherhood

Organizing a Brotherhood

If the idea to form a Brotherhood originates from anyone other than the Pastor, the Pastor should be consulted. The full support of the Pastor is essential for the success of your Brotherhood organization. The Pastor is the leader of the church and should be the prime motivator. The Deacons of the church as the Pastor's supporters, should be involved and on board with the Pastor as prime motivators. An organization can never rise any higher than its Leadership.

The church should endorse this organization with its approval. Once this is done, the Pastor should call a meeting of all men of the church. The meeting should be well announced (flyers, personal letters, etc.) and all men should be encouraged to participate.

At the first meeting temporary Officers should be selected to serve for a specified time. A nominating committee should be selected to investigate and bring back a suggested slate of Officers to be elected by the organization. Regular Officers should be elected and tenure should be established in order to give other men an opportunity to serve. Officers and Committees should be elected and selected to fit your local needs and conditions. All Officers and Committees should be told what their individual duties are. A suggested slate of Officers is as follows:

In a Church Brotherhood the President always works at the pleasure of and in harmony with the Pastor. This should also hold true with in Associations with Moderators and in Regional Presidents.

Things to do as you grow and your needs become clear.

  • Keep the Bible central.
  • Establish By-Laws.
  • Study the work of the Brotherhood and its biblical background.
  • Establish programs of action and of interest.
  • Lead new male converts to find joy in church work.

The Brotherhood can be kept alive only if the men have something definite, challenging, and significant to do. Just to have a busy schedule will not suffice. It may be necessary to form small groups of men with like interests, fishermen, golfers, auto enthusiasts, and etc., all having Christ at the center but also pursuing their other passions as well. These small groups can carry out small ministry projects on their own but come together at intervals to give a report of their stewardship as well as participate in the total brotherhood program. The main thing is to keep the men engaged in ministry.

Other activities

  • Street Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Men's Bible Study
  • Social and Political actions
  • Home and Foreign Missions

Junior Brotherhood Activities

  • Bible Bee
  • Track and Field
  • Junior Brotherhood Retreat
  • Basketball

Most of the above Junior Brotherhood activities are programs sponsored by the State Brotherhood; all the rules can be obtained by contacting the State Brotherhood at the Convention Headquarters.

How Do I Become A Part of The SC Baptist Brotherhood?

An individual can become a member of the State Brotherhood by paying individual doorway fees at both the Annual Session and the Mid - Winter Session.

A Church must pay their doorway fees at both the Annual and Mid - Winter Sessions. Both doorway fees can be paid together once each year.

An Association must pay their doorway fees and encourage membership of their member churches. The Association membership does not automatically give membership to their member churches. Each church must pay their own fees in order to be a member.

It is the desire of the South Carolina Baptist Brotherhood that all male individuals, churches and associations that claim membership in the Baptist Education and Missionary Convention of South Carolina be a part of the South Carolina Baptist Brotherhood. Please call us for more information.